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Artificial intelligence is used to automate industrial processes, build autonomous vehicles, and assistance systems with the goal to improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability. To implement such intelligent systems, they need to sense the environment, learn from experience, and reason about the future to make appropriate decisions. Finally, in most cases these systems interact with human beings. The lab at Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences aims exactly at this interface. Our research is focused on machine learning, computer vision, and state estimation to enable trustworthy (reliable, transparent, fair) systems that interact with humans. Applications include environment perception for autonomous driving, predictive maintenance, and condition monitoring. Our interdisciplinary work is performed in cooperation with research institutions and the automotive industry, amongst other industrial sectors. The lab's primary research areas include: - Machine Learning & Deep Learning - Sensor Data Fusion & Tracking - Perception - Explainable Models - Uncertainty Quantification and Calibration


Centrum for Automated Mobility HRW is a partner of the CAMO project, which develops solutions for the introduction and implementation of automated mobility. The HRW research area "Intelligent Mobility" addresses the increasing mobility needs of people. We particularly focus on basic technologies for the development of new mobility solutions in…

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Prof. Dr. Anselm Haselhoff Professor for Vehicle Information Technology at Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences

Topics: Machine Learning, Computer Vision & State Estimation, Probabilistic Models, Reliable and Transparent AI

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